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Crew Management

With more than 9000 crew, COSCO Shanghai Manning can man vessels in various types with low speed or medium speed engine, such as container vessel, general cargo carrier, bulk carrier, multi-purpose vessel, Ro-Ro ship or semi-passenger vessel and will try best to meet the demands of shipowners and ship management companies in all respects.At present, COSCO Shanghai manning has provided about 3000 crew working on board over 140 vessels. The crew working on the two passenger vessels named “Su Zhou Hao” and “Xin Jian Zhen” on the liner service between Shanghai and Japan, run by Sino-Japanese Joint Venture Ferry Co. are always provided by COSCO Shanghai Manning with first-class management.

Crew Training

COSCO Shanghai has established in Pu Dong New District of Shanghai a first-rate crew training base covering a land area of more than 10,000 square meters.At present, staffed with over 140 professional instructors, of them, 51% holding high or middle title of technical posts.owns navigational simulator, engine simulator, imitation power-station of automation, lab of power-driven simulator, lab of GMDSS, lab of lathe operation, training cabin of advanced fire-fighting, life boat and raft, testing site of welders, language lab, computer room, to name just a few.

Crew Recruitment

COSCO Shanghai Manning implements the sustainable development human resource strategy. From 2002, COSCO Shanghai Manning has established 12 crew bases in 7 provinces in China. Through the cooperation with maritime universities and training institutions, COSCO Shanghai Manning has recruited a large batch of young officers and ratings with the merits of competency and hard-working. By doing so, COSCO Shanghai has enriched the back up crew to a great extent. By setting up the effective talent evaluation, management, pool and selection system, COSCO Shanghai Manning will provide shipowners with steadier competent crew resource.

Extended Services

For the convenience of the shipowners, with the support of Shanghai Ocean Shipping Company, COSCO Shanghai Manning can also provide shipowners with ship management, spare parts & stores, new building superintendent, ship repair, crew training and other extended services.


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About Us

Company Background

COSCO Shanghai Manning Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in crew manning and management whose predecessor is the crew manning department of COSCON Ship Management Company. Backed by the human resource and advantages of Shanghai Ocean Shipping Company, COSCO Shanghai manning has developed into an independent entity with the managing authority of overseas labor cooperation which approved by the Ministry of Commerce. Up to now, COSCO Shanghai Manning has more than 9000 seamen and of those 50% of them are officers. With more than 20 years' unremitting endeavor, the crew of COSCO Shanghai Manning has possessed rich navigational experience, excellent operational skills and high service consciousness. COSCO Shanghai Manning has extended her service to such areas as Asia, America and Europe by providing crew for more than 20 shipowners and ship management companies from Germany, Greece, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Tai Wan and so on. By virtue of the global network of COSCO Group,COSCO Shanghai Manning also offers extended services such as ship management, ship provisions and stores, ship design, crew training etc.

The mission of COSCO Shanghai Manning is to ensure the safety and punctuality of ship operation and help shipowners to gain more profit by controlling the cost. In the new century, in order to establish longterm strategic partnership with shipowners, COSCO Shanghai Manning will provide more excellent crew, more considerate service for shipowners.

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  • Crew Management 95%
  • Crew Recruitment 80%
  • Crew Training 85%
  • Extended 70%

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